Truck/tractor and trailer kits that are release in scale 1:35
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Truck/tractor (or combination) Trailer  
Manufacturer KitNumber Description Manufacturer KitNumber Description Remark
Accurate Armour K060 Scammell Commander tank transporter    
Accurate Armour K100 Scammell Pioneer tank transporter    
Accurate Armour K153 Oshkosh M1070 HET + M1000    
Accurate Armour K154 Oshkosh UK HET    
Accurate Armour K163 Mighty Antar Mk-1 Ballasted Tractor Accurate Armour K168 Dyson 50 ton drawbar trailer  
Accurate Armour K164 Mighty Antar Mk.2 tractor Accurate Armour K169 Tasker 50t semi-trailer  
Accurate Armour K166 Mighty Antar Mk.3 tractor Accurate Armour K170 Sankey 60t semi-trailer FV3001  
Blitz Kit 35FS 1040 American Knox tractor Blitz Kit 35FS 1041 French La Buire trailer  
AEF Designs KC-151 IDF "Goher Bate" Tractor AEF Designs KC-157 IDF Heavy Tank Transport Trailer  
Elite Modellbau 3519 Faun 912/45a Zugmaschine Elite Modellbau 3524 Tiefladeanhanger 25t 16-rad  
Elite Modellbau 3535 Faun L912SA Sattelzugmaschine Elite Modellbau 3536 Sattelauflieger 25t  
Hobby Fan HF005 M911 Hobby Fan HF006 Talbert trailer  
Hobby Fan HF060 M52 5t tractor        
HSV 116 OAF Graf & Stift - sLKW 20.320 HSV 131 Goldhofer 25-toner trailer Vacuformed kits
Minimanfactory MMF35001 M915A1 Minimanfactory MMF35002 M872 flatbed trailer  
Minimanfactory MMF35007 M916 Minimanfactory MMF35008 M870 low bed trailer  
MMK F3004 Mack AC    
MMK 35002 T141 MMK 35007 P32  
MMK 35012 T813 "Kolos" MMK 35033 P50  
MMK 35028 T815 VT MMK 35022 P50N  
Real Model RM35058 M931/M932 5t tractor conversion Real Model RM35060 M871 22,5t semitrailer  
Real Model RM35118 M818 5 ton tractor        
Real Model RM35085 Diamond T980/981 with Rogers Trailer    
Tamiya 35230 M26 Dragon Wagon 40t. Tank transporter    
Tank Workshop TWS0094 M123A1C Real Model RM35081 M15A1 40ton trailer conversion Use Tamiya M15 trailer as base
Trumpeter 203 Faun Elefant transporter    
Trumpeter 201 Chinese 50t transporter    
Trumpeter 211 MAZ573G intermediate type    
Trumpeter 212 MAZ573G late type    
Wespe SHW 35067 Mack NR4