Scale model kits for sale

Sale list
Lack of time and loss of interest makes me sell my model kits and books.
As soon I sorted out more of the boxes of stuff I will update the list.

I will ship worldwide (from the Netherlands).
Payments in Euros can be made via PayPal and money transfer.
Feel free to for offers, questions or remarks.

Scale 1:43
Heller80189: Peugeot 205 Turbo Paris-Dakar (plastic kit)Picture
Scale 1:35
AFV ClubAF35014: Wiesel 1 TOW (plastic kit)Picture
E.T. ModelEA35-052: US Army tacktical vehicles M2HB weapon groups (resin & pe)Picture
E.T. ModelEA35-052: US Army tacktical vehicles M2HB weapon groups (resin & pe)Picture
Revell3089: Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys OZELOT (plastic kit)Picture
Revell3094: Wiesel 2 LeFlaSys AFF (plastic kit)Picture
Tamiya35267: M1046 Humvee (plastic kit)Picture
Tamiya35275: JGSDF LAV (bagged/no box) (plastic kit)Picture
Verlinden Productions198: Nato radio sets (resin conversion)Picture
Scale 1:24
Italeri3689: Lancia Delta HF Integrale (plastic kit)Picture
Scale 1:18
Ultimate Soldier314: M113A2 motorized model (RC) controlls are missing (plastic model)Picture
Ultimate Soldier10190: M998 Humvee (plastic model)Picture
AFV ClubAF20004: 2004-2005 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV ClubAF20006: 2006-2007 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV ClubAF20008: 2008-2009 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV Weapons Profile34: Scorpion Reconnaissance Tank (softcover)Picture
AFV Weapons Profile53: The FV432 Series (softcover)Picture
Allied-Axis4: (softcover)Picture
Allied-Axis5: (softcover)Picture
Allied-Axis6: (softcover)Picture
Ampersand Publishing7: Dragon Wagon M25, M26, M15, M26A1, M15A1, M123 (softcover)Picture
Ampersand Publishingx: Heavy Wrecker M1 series, Diamond T, C2, M31, M32 (softcover)Picture
Arco0: British and American tanks of WW2 The complete illustrated history 1939-1945 (softcover)Picture
CMK1301: Photo Hobby Manual: Land Rover Defender 110 (softcover)Picture
Concord1012: British Army of the Rhine armored vehicles on exercise (softcover)Picture
Concord2002: Operation Granby Desert Rats armour and transport in the Gulf War (softcover)Picture
Concord2006: Operation Desert Sabre the Desert Rat's liberation of Kuwait (softcover)Picture
Concord5525: Special OPS Vol.25 British Forces in Babylon - Operation Telic (softcover)Picture
Concord7027: British tanks of WWII (1) France & Belgium 1944 (softcover)Picture
Concord7068: British Armor in Sicily and Italy (softcover)Picture
Concord7509: Warrior, British Combat vehicle tracked (softcover)Picture
Concord7520: British armoured battle group (softcover)Picture
Crestline0: U.S. Military tracked vehicles by Fred W. Crismon (hardcover)Picture
Fahrzeug Profile24: Die gepanzerte infanterie der US Army in Deutschland 1945-2003 (softcover)Picture
Guild Publishing0: Encyclopaedia of the modern British Army 3rd edition (hardcover)Picture
Military Ordnance Special16: Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle (softcover)Picture
Moewig0: Panzer (hardcover)Picture
Muzeul Militar NationalNo3: Trupele Blindate din armata Romana 1919-1947 (Tanks of the Romanian Army) (softcover)Picture
New Vanguard10: Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle 1987-1994 (softcover)Picture
New Vanguard13: Scorpion Reconnaissance Vehicle 1972-1994 (softcover)Picture
Olyslager Auto Library0: Wreckers & Recovery Vehicles (hardcover)Picture
Osprey Vanguard34: The M113 series (softcover)Picture
Tankograd1001: US Army heavy wreckers of World War II (softcover)
Tankograd5009: First generation modern German Army prime-movers and tractor trucks (softcover)Picture
Tankograd6011: U.S. WW II Diamond T 4-ton 6x6 (softcover)Picture
Tankograd6018: U.S. WW II M19 Tank Transporter (softcover)Picture
Tankograd9011: Recce The eyes and ears of the 1st UK armoured division (softcover)Picture
Tankograd9016: Modern British Army tank transporters (softcover)
Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug2-2008: Trojan & Titan (softcover)Picture
Tanks Illustrated12: British Army Fighting Vehicles 1945 to the present (softcover)Picture
Vanguard of Victory0: The 79th Armoured Division (softcover)Picture
Wheels & Tracks0: A record of military Macks in the service and beyond (hardcover)Picture
Breakdown, a history of recovery vehicles in the British ArmyPicture
Diamond T, Type 980/981Picture
the Funnies, a history, with scale plans, of the 79th Armoured DivisionPicture
Military Machines International, Sherman BARV, Thornycroft AntarPicture
Military Machines International, Thornycroft Antar Pt.2Picture
Modeler's guide to engineering and recovery vehiclesPicture
Tugs of war, heavy recovery vehicles, tank transporters and artillery tractors by Pat WarePicture
U.S. military wheeled vehicles by Fred W. CrismonPicture
Wheels & Tracks #3, Heavy Wreckers M1 and M1A1, Talbot Military TrucksPicture
Wheels & Tracks #34, CMP Wreckers, East Germany 1/4ton trailers, Neptune-NimrodPicture
Wheels & Tracks #54, Diamond T tank transporters, Czech HET trailersPicture