Scale model kits for sale

Sale list
Lack of time and loss of interest makes me sell my model kits and books.
As soon I sorted out more of the boxes of stuff I will update the list.

I will ship worldwide (from the Netherlands).
Payments in Euros can be made via PayPal and money transfer.
Feel free to for offers, questions or remarks.

Scale 1:43
Heller80189: Peugeot 205 Turbo Paris-Dakar (plastic kit)Picture
Scale 1:35
JGSDF type 78 ARV set consisting of:
Etokin Models ETK002: JGSDF type 78 ARV (resin conversion)
+ Tamiya 35168: JGSDF Type 74 tank (plastic kit)
+ Modelkasten SK-62: JGSDF Type 74 tracks (plastic tracks)
Picture250 EUR
Verlinden Productions198: Nato radio sets (resin conversion)Picture
Scale 1:24
Italeri3689: Lancia Delta HF Integrale (plastic kit)Picture
Scale 1:18
Ultimate Soldier10190: M998 Humvee (plastic model)Picture
AFV ClubAF20004: 2004-2005 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV ClubAF20006: 2006-2007 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV ClubAF20008: 2008-2009 Catalog (softcover)Picture
AFV Weapons Profile34: Scorpion Reconnaissance Tank (softcover)Picture3 EUR
AFV Weapons Profile53: The FV432 Series (softcover)Picture3 EUR
Allied-Axis4: (softcover)Picture10 EUR
Allied-Axis5: (softcover)Picture10 EUR
Allied-Axis6: (softcover)Picture10 EUR
Ampersand Publishing7: Dragon Wagon M25, M26, M15, M26A1, M15A1, M123 (softcover)Picture
Ampersand Publishingx: Heavy Wrecker M1 series, Diamond T, C2, M31, M32 (softcover)Picture
Arco0: British and American tanks of WW2 The complete illustrated history 1939-1945 (softcover)Picture
Concord2002: Operation Granby Desert Rats armour and transport in the Gulf War (softcover)Picture5 EUR
Concord5525: Special OPS Vol.25 British Forces in Babylon - Operation Telic (softcover)Picture5 EUR
Concord7027: British tanks of WWII (1) France & Belgium 1944 (softcover)Picture5 EUR
Crestline0: U.S. Military tracked vehicles by Fred W. Crismon (hardcover)Picture
Fahrzeug Profile24: Die gepanzerte infanterie der US Army in Deutschland 1945-2003 (softcover)Picture5 EUR
Moewig0: Panzer (hardcover)Picture
Muzeul Militar NationalNo3: Trupele Blindate din armata Romana 1919-1947 (Tanks of the Romanian Army) (softcover)Picture
New Vanguard10: Warrior Mechanized Combat Vehicle 1987-1994 (softcover)Picture
New Vanguard13: Scorpion Reconnaissance Vehicle 1972-1994 (softcover)Picture
Olyslager Auto Library0: Wreckers & Recovery Vehicles (hardcover)Picture
Osprey Vanguard34: The M113 series (softcover)Picture
Tankograd5009: First generation modern German Army prime-movers and tractor trucks (softcover)Picture5 EUR
Tanks Illustrated12: British Army Fighting Vehicles 1945 to the present (softcover)Picture
Wheels & Tracks0: A record of military Macks in the service and beyond (hardcover)Picture